ďCrash Course - Life 101 - The Concepts in a NutshellĒ

          Guidance has come to try & help your life situations, kind of like a spiritual counselor, based on the Concepts I have been taught since I crossed over in 1991. Of course, the Concepts are in the my original story, but now Iím to separate them from my own personal story, & bring you up to date on how they can apply to your everyday life. Again, Iím not saying anyone reading this should believe one word of what I write! All Iím saying is it gave me all the answers to the questions I had re Life, & maybe they also will help you! Here goes:

          I crossed over on 8-12-91 into the Peace, Love, & Joy, Heaven on earth. I was told by God, the Inner Voice, that on 8-12-92, everyone in the world crossed over also, because all it takes is one to cross over, as we are all One. This is spiritual evolution, the next step up for humanity! My crossing over was very dramatic, to say the least, but maybe what you each are experiencing is more of a gradual awakening. Maybe a new perception here & there as time goes by that brings you more peace, or music uplifting you a little more than it did to bring you more joy, or a feeling of compassion, & wanting to help others more. Whatever the effects you are experiencing, You Are in the Peace, Love, & Joy Now! 

          God teaches us through so many mediums! Movies, books, & tv shows about angels, & heaven teach us. ďETĒ taught us to love an alien; Scary horror movies help us overcome fears; ďThe MatrixĒ & ďLord of the RingsĒ & so many others teach about extraordinary powers, & the list goes on & on! Video games teach us, & music lyrics teach us! Step by step God is changing our perceptions, showing us possibilities! Giving us time to assimilate some new idea, then putting another ďnewĒ one in its place, ever so subtly. This world is illusion & we are actors in a play, or another way to look at it is we are still in a dream we havenít awakened from. Just enjoy the ride!

          There is no devil, no evil, only fear, which is also of God. There is no right or wrong, good or bad, truth or lies. Just lessons! These are difficult Concepts to comprehend in our world where we are taught the opposite! Fear is one of the major issues God is pushing us to overcome, so He puts us in fearful situations! Face those fears! Fear of dying is probably one of the most common things people have difficulty overcoming, yet by overcoming it, you truly live life to the fullest!  People that have faced death from an illness as I did, or from circumstances such as war, are often able to overcome fear of dying, because they feel they have no choice! Face the facts, deal with them, do the best you can to stay positive, & hope for the best. The answer, of course, for myself & others is to turn to God in Faith & Trust, & surrender! Godís will be done! Enjoy today! Make the most of the Moment! This moment is all we have! When you are in a situation you feel you canít control, which you really canít anyway, God has the answer for you! Trust in that!

          There also is incarnation into future lifetimes, till the lessons are learned & incarnation is no longer needed. Then this material, physical world, Universe, will just cease to be, period. Iím also told, for example, that handicapped people are actually highly evolved souls that didnít even need to come back for lessons, but came back only to teach Love. Look how many of these people are now in the world to help us learn about love! See how God guides us to a different perspective here also!

          We are only here for the lessons in awareness we need to learn to complete our mission here, & to express love. Only you can complete this mission that is assigned you, & it benefits all of humanity. There are no ďmistakesĒ, co-incidences, or accidents. When we do complete our mission, we die in the exact way, & the exact time, we were meant to go, according to Godís plan, whether in a major disaster like 9-ll, or the Tsunami; or a car accident; or from cancer, or whatever way. The lessons are then for the people left behind, for them to deal with how they felt about that event, what emotions it evoked, what did it teach them. Everything is about getting in touch with your feelings. For the person who has died, or passed on, dying is going Home, into the Light, Love, & to the full awareness of God, & being again with our loved ones who have passed on before us!

          Let go re past regrets! Every single thing you experienced in your whole life, whether positive or negative, helped you to become the person you are today! The lesson is to love that person, & get to the point you are grateful for everything you went through to get to this point, no matter how painful or terrible it was at the time! I know that is really a terribly difficult thing to do at times, but vitally necessary to move on in your life! It was all necessary for your journey or God wouldnít have put you through it! Also, let go of fears about the future. Live in the Now! Just Be! God has it all taken care of! Have faith & trust in that!

          Anything of this world you cling to, & think you canít live without has become an idol, even if itís a loved one. God may strip everything away from you to the point you will feel alone & isolated, with no one to turn to but God. That is also part of the journey. Natural disasters are another way of God striping away material things we thought we couldnít live without! God is all. He may give you power, wealth, fame, or whatever, or lead you to drugs, alcohol, gambling, or any other addictions of this world for the highs you experienced, but in the end itís always to teach you they werenít the answer! Love, God inside you, is the answer for all you need, & what you were searching for all along. Once you learn that lesson in your heart, God will gift you with more than you can ever imagine, heartsí desires come true! Let go though re if the hearts desires happen or they donít! Letting go means you get to the point you are totally neutral re the end result. Only God knows what is best for you! Stay detached re the importance of anything of this world, except Love! 

          Everything is God. We are perfect because we are Children of God. Weíre Beings of Light! Spirit! Weíre not sinners & never have been, but were meant to think that all these years for the lessons we needed to learn where we were in our spiritual development at that time. Itís all about Love. Our Essence is Love! Everything we need re Peace, Joy, Love, God, is already inside us, & has been all along! God has been literally hiding in there all along! We just may not have been aware of it! That awareness is what God is now guiding us to awaken to! Everything is now being brought from the soul level, which knows all, to the conscious level.

          Everything in the Universe is just Energy, vibrations, & the Energy of the world is Love! Music & color are also part of the spiritual. No wonder we love both so much!

          This is a tough one for a lot of people! There is no free will as a human, none! God is guiding our every thought, our every emotion, our every action. You could call it fate or destiny. Itís called Divine Right Order in the spiritual books. God has a purpose to each and every thing that happens, and everything has to do with cause & effect, kind of like the ripple effect when you throw a stone in the water. God pushes the buttons to make us feel angry, jealous, guilty, helpless, & hopeless, etc., then guides us to overcome & grow spiritually from those negative feelings, such as to learn forgiveness, tolerance, acceptance, compassion, etc. The main purpose is to turn to Him for everything! Just know & believe, whatever is going on, itís always all for good for everyone involved in the situation, even if it doesnít appear that way at all! It may take you five years before you see that good in hindsight!

          What follows after you accept & believe we have no free will is, there can be No Judgment of anyone in the world! We canít see the Big Picture of why God guided this person or that person to say, or do whatever they did, even if it was really painful, or mean, even horrible, or whatever to you or others! They are also going thru their lessons, & being prepared for their mission, & God has the plan, we donít! Let it go! What you will be guided to do is change your perception of the situation to try & see it from the Higher perspective, the higher purpose. A Course in Miracles says that anything outside yourself that is upsetting to you is a lesson for you to change your perception, or you wouldnít be upset! I never forget that. God is guiding you/us to work thru whatever negative feelings were evoked from this personís or groupís actions, etc.! Maybe forgive them, or feel compassion for their victims, or whatever. Maybe change something major about your own life that you put off changing till now. Show more love & kindness to others. Itís easy to love someone who is kind & nice to you, but the biggest challenge is to love someone when they are being their most difficult! That pushes you to really reach down inside & still be true to who you are, still show kindness! The Golden Rule! Every encounter is a holy encounter, no matter if itís just a smile, & it has a purpose in Godís plan! Changes to benefit humanity are also brought about by these negative actions by people. They are instruments God is using to teach us! Donít blame any person for this or that going on in your life, or even the world! God is doing it! Try to look for the lessons you are meant to go thru, experience & work thru the feelings it evoked, & the new perspective Heís guiding you to see. Everything has to do with awareness, perception! You are only responsible for you being the best person you can be! Let go of trying to control others, & change them. Always examine your motive & intentions behind anything you do, anything you say, & try to take the higher path.

          Every positive thought helps each & every person, or situation, in the whole world! Our thoughts are our highest creation & they circulate around the world, & of course God is guiding us to have the thoughts in the first place! There are no private thoughts even! Also grateful, thankful, thoughts are the latest thing, the Main thing, Iím guided to do frequently, for things that are going on now, whether in my own life or the world! Itís also a great tool to use every time a negative thought creeps in! Replace it with a grateful thought! You will see a difference in your life when you use that amazing way of looking at Life! Iím also now guided to put every thought re future hopes & dreams in the Now! For example re some future thing, I put it like, ďIím so grateful all my bills are Now paid in full.Ē or ďIím so grateful I Now have the perfect job.Ē even if it isnít apparent yet! These thoughts start the ball rolling in the Universe to make it happen! These grateful, thankful, thoughts are a great habit to express re every situation in your life as they pop up, even searching for the perfect gift for someone! Then after you see the result of your grateful thoughts materialize, send out a thank you to God that He did that for you! Athletes have visualized their performance before an event, & that is also an example of using your thoughts to create. 

          It also is vitally important to get out buried issues & feelings that are still inside you from the past! Communicate your feelings! Say youíre sorry, if you are! Tell the person in a kind way, or write them a letter & give it to them, or write them a letter & tear it up! Do it even if that person is deceased. It doesnít matter! Get it out from being buried inside! That action alone will help with healing you! Get angry as you write, have tears as you remember the pain or whatever, but get it out! Tears are great! Tears are cleansing, & a release! It also is vitally important to express feelings you have Now! Donít bury anything! Also worry is just wasted energy! It doesnít change or help the situation!  There is the Law of Attraction, & another called the mirror image. The thoughts you send out are what you attract, so why would you send out thoughts of worries you have, such as you have no money, or no job, etc.!  Instead focus on positive thoughts & outcomes, & let go! If you or someone you love has an illness, donít give it any energy! Either of you could get hit by a car tomorrow, & you would be just as gone! Cherish your time together with your loved one--donít waste it with worry! Again, focus on a positive outcome & let go! Put yourself in a win/win situation mentally re every situation in Life! God has the perfect plan & He will guide you to it! Trust in that! Have Faith in that! Another thing I read recently really hit home, & stopped me in my tracks! A book I was guided to said ďevery thought we have has an effect, a response, on a cell in our body, whether itís a negative or positive thought.Ē Why put negative thoughts in there! Send thoughts of love to the ones you have the most difficulty with, & watch the difference that will make! There is a reason we are with the people involved in our lives! They are our best teachers for us to learn the necessary lessons we came here to learn! Focus on being the best person you can be, & learning what the lessons involved are, such as to learn tolerance, forgiveness, compassion & most of all, Unconditional Love! Also always just follow your heart! Always listen to the other person also, & respect their own feelings too! Communicate! Communicate!

          A lot of times the lesson is Self Love, stand up for yourself! Love of God & then Self Love are two major lessons to learn first & foremost. How can you love others, if you donít love & respect yourself first? When you can reach the point you love God, & you love yourself, even if no one else in the whole world loves you, you are at Home inside! Really the Joy is in Loving, that feeling it evokes inside you, & itís frosting on the cake if others, besides God, love you back! Also the Joy is in Giving, more than when you receive!

          Spiritual growth periods are turmoil periods as the change in perception takes place! Itís like weíre on a ladder going up to Heaven. Growth periods help us move up the ladder. When things are comparatively peaceful, God is just giving us a rest before the lessons start up again! It appears, for now, we learn most effectively thru challenges, changes, pain, or fear. There is hot & cold; day & nite; sweet & sour; negative & positive! Life is change! All just God expressing in the world! What I have learned though is, since Iíve surrendered to God re everything in my life, He smoothes the way so incredibly now! What were once mountaintops, & deepest valleys of pain, are now just tiny bumps in the road! Another amazing thing I have experienced is when I let go re some issue or problem I had no clue how to solve, God comes up with a perfect solution I would have never thought of!

          Everything Iíve been taught since crossing over in 1991 is based on my background of being a Christian, but I also recognized that the Concepts are bits & pieces of all the different religions of the world. The bottom line though is what I have experienced is just a spiritual journey between God & I. Very simple. It isnít about religion per se; yet God is guiding each & every one of you to your own beliefs, for your own particular journey, which of course includes whatever religion you follow, or donít. No right or wrongs here! Again, no judgments!

          Celebrate who you are! Love & accept every single aspect of who you are! Even if you have never accomplished anything on this earth, by other peoplesí standards, just the fact that God brought you into this world & loves you, makes you vitally necessary to the plan He has! You have the perfect face, body, & personality to complete your mission here that God assigned you! Heís guiding you every step of the way!

          Peace, Love, & Joy to each & every one of you! I hope Iíve helped you somehow!   

          The Messenger Pat