Messages from a Modern Day "Jesus"
  Concepts to Help You See Life Today in a New Way

      Have you ever wondered why we are here on earth? What is our purpose here? We experience love, joy, happiness, etc., but we also go through so much pain, suffering, tears, and tragedies? Where is God while all this suffering is going on? Is it the devil at work? 
Following you will read a little re how I got answers to those questions!

      On 8-12-91 I awoke in the hospital after coming out of surgery for a 3rd bout of breast cancer, & experienced a spontaneous spiritual awakening with the Peace, Love, Joy not of this world, & Inner Voice, plus so much more! Over the course of these past 19 yrs., I have been given answers, Concepts, that have helped me in every area of my own life, & I hope they will also give you answers to help you on your own journey!

      Awesome things ahead for all of us, more incredible than we ever dreamed! Trust me!

          Iím the Messenger Pat