This is in re to traumas we all go thru & how to look at them in a new light. On my website I say that we grow the most effectively thru traumas & trials right now. The purpose is to make us stronger spiritually, emotionally, mentally, etc., in preparation to complete our Mission here that God has assigned us! Also to deepen our Faith & Trust in God, & turn to Him for everything! Our thoughts are everything! We create with our thoughts, which God puts in there! Every thought we have affects a cell in our body! See why it is so important to make every thought a positive one! When itís time, guidance will come to change our perception of the people involved, from hate, anger, & fear, etc., to Love! Send thoughts of love to the ones you have the most difficulty with, & watch the difference that will make! There is a reason we are with the people involved in our lives! They are our best teachers for us to learn the necessary lessons we came here to learn! Focus on being the best person you can be, & learning what the lessons involved are, such as to learn tolerance, forgiveness, compassion, & most of all, Unconditional Love!

          Fear is one of the major issues God is pushing us to overcome, so He puts us in fearful situations! Face those fears! Fear of dying is probably one of the most common things people have difficulty overcoming, yet by overcoming it, you truly live life to the fullest! Put yourself in a win/win situation mentally. God has the plan & when you die, you are going Home, to God, & the Love, & Light, to be with the people you love! Your Mission is complete & you helped the whole world! People that have faced death from an illness as I did, are often able to overcome fear of death, because they feel they have no choice! Face the facts, deal with them, do the best you can to stay positive, & hope for the best. The answer, of course, for me, & others, is to turn to God in Faith & Trust, & surrender! Godís will be done! Enjoy today! Make the most of today! This moment is all we have! When you are in a situation you feel you canít control, which is true of everyone, God has the answer for you! Trust in that!